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10/04/2015 Shocktober begins with Ken Gerhard
October 04, 2015 07:41 AM PDT
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It's that time of the year. Shocktober has returned to BTE Radio. Join us for a funfilled month full of ghoulies, ghosties and things that go bump in the night. We kick off Shocktober with monsters and creepy creatures as we're joined by Author, Television celebrity, lecturer and Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard.

In the first half hour we talk again with Phenom Events Chris Wingerd. From 830 to 9, Eric recaps the latest paranormal news. Then at 9:00, Eric and Marie are joined by Ken Gerhard as we will be talking about Ken's life long obsession with strange creatures, monsters and mysteries. We'll talk with Ken about his new TV show Missing in Alaska and some of the cases Ken has investigated over the past 25 plus years.

Ken Gerhard is a widely recognized cryptozoologist and field investigator for The Centre for Fortean Zoology, as well as a fellow of the Pangea Institute and consultant for several anomalous research organizations. He has traveled the world searching for evidence of mysterious animals and legendary beasts including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Chupacabra, enigmatic winged creatures and even werewolves. In addition to co-hosting the new History Channel TV series Missing in Alaska, Ken has appeared in three episodes of the television series Monster Quest and is featured in the History Channel special The Real Wolfman, as well as Legend Hunters (Travel Channel), Unexplained Files (Science Channel), Paranatural (National Geographic), Weird or What? with William Shatner (Syfy), Ancient Aliens (History Channel), Monsters and Mysteries in America (Animal Planet), True Supernatural, Monsters and Mysteries in America (Destination America), Ultimate Encounters (TruTV), Monster Project (Nat Geo Wild) and Shipping Wars (A&E). His credits include appearances on numerous news broadcasts and radio programs like Coast to Coast AM, as well as being featured in articles by the Associated Press, Houston Chronicle and Tampa Tribune. Ken is author of the books Big Bird: Modern Sightings of Flying Monsters and Encounters with Flying Humanoids, as well as co-author of Monsters of Texas (with Nick Redfern) and has contributed to trade publications including Fate Magazine. He currently lectures and exhibits at various conferences and events across the United States. Born on Friday the 13th of October, 1967 (exactly one week before the famous Patterson Bigfoot footage was shot), Ken has traveled to twenty-six different countries on six continents and has visited virtually all of the United States. An avid adventurer, he has camped along the Amazon, explored the Galapagos, hiked the Australian Outback and has visited many ancient and mysterious sites, from Machu Pichu to Stonehenge. Visit Ken's website at


9/27/2015 BTE Radio's Paranormal News and Discussion
September 29, 2015 07:34 PM PDT
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During the first half hour, Phenom Events co-founder Chris Wingerd joins us for a last push for the upcoming Ramblewood Paranormal Retreat October 8-11th. Then at 8:30 Eric and Marie fill in for an ailing Chris Nicastro and bring you the weird and unusual Paranormal news from around the world. Whether it's Bigfoot, Champ, the Ghost of King Richard and more, Marie and Eric cover it this week on Paranormal News and Discussion. Tune in for a fun and entertaining time with the Paranormal News with Marie Samuels and Eric Altman.

9/20/2015 BTE Radio's Creature Features presents Jc Johnson of Crypto 4 Corners
September 23, 2015 08:07 PM PDT
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Creature Features is back this week as Marie, Karyn and Eric take a trip to Four Corners area of the Southwestern United States and welcome renowned Cryptozoologist and Monster hunter J.C. Johnson. In the first half hour we welcome back Shawn and Marianne Donley of Panic’D and Dark Shadow Ghost Tours for another episode of The Haunted Spotlight. At 8:30 we welcome back J.C. Johnson to the show and we’ll be talking about the latest going on in the Crypto Four Corners area and some of J.C.’s cases he is working. Be sure to tune in for another amazing and exciting episode of BTE Radio’s Creature Features.

JC Johnson, considered by some to be the "Indiana Jones of Cryptozoology," founded and leads a group of dozens of enthusiastic and determined researchers focused on a variety of strange and mysterious creatures in the Four Corners area of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. This group’s research includes Bigfoot, giant snakes, living dinosaurs, werewolves, dragons, giant birds, pterodactyls, centaurs, Native American “Skin Walkers”, and other cryptids frequently reported in this wild and remote region. Johnson has been a professional river and outdoor guide for more than 20 years. His experience, knowledge, attunement to nature and undying faith make him a driving force in the field of Cryptozoological and Paranormal research.

J.C. will bring us up to date on his latest research, investigations, and encounters, from hairy humanoids stalking young ranch-dwelling women, to wolfmen, dogmen, large predators and ultraterrestrials, all very active in two mysterious areas of the Southwest.

Please visit JC Websites:


9/13/2015 BTE Radio travels across the weird U.S.
September 14, 2015 05:16 AM PDT
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This week on BTE Radio, Eric and Marie open the book Weird U.S. and take a look at some strange places, people and phenomenon. Our scheduled guest Psychic Sonya Horstman was not able to join us so Eric and Marie talked about various strange places, urban legends like the Bunnyman Bridge in Virginia, The Mellonheads in Ohio, The devils footprint, Anton Lavey, and the Mothman. It was a fun discussion and we'll be sure to cover more from the book and the series of books. Our guest Sonya Horstman will be rescheduled for a future show. So be sure to tune in to this weeks program for an entertaining and informative discussion with Eric and Marie this week on BTE Radio.

9/6/2015 Eyewitness Paranormal Encounters
September 08, 2015 05:40 AM PDT
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This week on BTE Radio another jammed pack show featuring the Haunted Spotlight, and two different guests to the show. Fred Kracke and Chris Brown. During the first half hour we're joined by Shawn Donley and Marianne Donley of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Panic'D for another episode of "The Haunted Spotlight. From 830 to 930 pm, We welcome our first guest Paranormal investigator and Fred Kracke to the show in the to talk with us about his investigation at the historic and haunted Squirrel Cage Jail, and will provide some of the EVP’s he captured during his visits to the very haunted Jail. From 9:30 to 10 pm, we welcome UFO eyewitness Chris Brown from Oregon to share with us his unusual encounter with a strange Orb UFO he witnessed.

Join us for a night of Paranormal and UFO witnesses as we travel to the Haunted Squirrel Cage Jail with Fred Kracke and talk with UFO eyewitness Chris Brown this week on Beyond The Edge Radio

8/30/2015 Neil Sanders, Jay Bachochin and Scott Markus The Hidden Truth
September 01, 2015 07:47 PM PDT
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This week on BTE Radio, Eric and Marie welcome are going to dive deep into a decade long mystery in search of “The hidden truth” as they welcome Neil Sanders, Jay Bachochin and Scott Markus of the Hidden Truth documentary film.
From Emergence Films, Hidden Truth Productions in association with Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators comes the “Hidden Truth?’
Nine College men have drowned in the Mississippi in Lacrosse Wisconsin since 1997. Ruled as “Accidental drowning” some are blaming a serial killer, some believe coincidence, but could it be something paranormal?
Based on Actual Facts, Join Neil Sanders retired Chief Deputy Medical Examiner of LaCrosse, Jay Bachochin of WPI hunts the truth and cameraman Scot Markus of Emergence Films as they take an unorthodox approach of investigating a decade long unsolved mystery of the LaCrosse Drownings. Are hundreds of LaCrosse residents still at risk of river drowning? The answer to this question and more are investigated in this documentary film, which is dedicate to the lost souls, and their families.
To learn more visit www.thehiddentruthproductions.com

8/23/2015 The Mountain Gypsies Cat Young and Tess Hughes
August 24, 2015 05:57 AM PDT
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Eric and Marie head to the Mountains of Tennessee for a rootin' tootin' fun time and welcome The Mountain Gypsies Cat Young and Tess Hughes

During the first half hour, we’ll be joined by John and Robin Cartwright to tell us about the upcoming SquatchFest 2015. Then at 8:30 pm, eastern, we head south to the mountains of Tennessee to visit with the lovely Mountain Gypsies, so be sure to join us for a fun and entertaining time this Sunday night from 8:00 to 10:00 pm Est. for Beyond The Edge Radio

Cat Young
Lecturer, Spiritual Adviser, Radio Host, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Warrior and so much more. She is blessed with a Cherokee/Scottish/Gypsy lineage of gifted, spiritual loved ones. Spiritually Gifted in so many ways, Cat is used by God for whatever he needs her to be at that moment. Cat is hard to label with the ability to have the sight, healing, and seeing through the veil. She is a southern woman and everything that goes with that, Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Essential Bars Facilitator, Mountain Healer and Heritage Healer, an Ordained Minister, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, plus more and continues in education on healing. Cat fights the darkness, she is of the Light. Cat Lecturers and goes about speaking as needed. She will and has assisted on haunted investigations and exorcisms. She is a Warrior for God, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, she does not condemn, it is not her job. She was blessed with gifted children, one works along side her doing healing, her name is Tess Hughes (very gifted child). Cat had a Shaman tell her "some people are a body looking for light", you Cat are a Light trying to stay contained in a body and most people will not understand you, Cat says, Ahhh but that is my magic!!!!

Tessarai Lee Hughes
Tess Hughes, born in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, where Cherokee blood runs from all veins of her family. She also comes from a long lineage of those, gifted with the sight that she uses for healing and paranormal investigating. She has always used true gifting to help those who are in need, through the love and healing power of God. Tess is also a gifted healer who is a Reiki Master / Teacher. She is also certified in Advanced QEEG and BIO & NEUROFEEDBACK, and AUDIO/VISUAL ENTRAINMENT. Tess is also a certified counselor. A wonderful gifted holistic healer and teacher. Through God's supernatural touch Tess received healing as a child to overcome leukemia which increased her understanding of those who are in need. As a child she had a deep wisdom and understanding of life that few have as adults . She is truly one that has been touched by God. Since birth her story is amazing and it starts with a fight for life since in the womb, but God had bigger plans and now she is an accomplished gifted seer/Mountain healer. She comes by this honestly through her well known, multi-gifted, mother,Cat Young. Cat joins Tess on the show when she is not working with or on other paracelebs. Cat has taught Tess the ways of their craft and strong family Cherokee/Scottish/Melungeon Gypsy ties.

Visit their websites:


8/16/2015 BTE Radio's Creature Features present William Jevning
August 17, 2015 05:23 PM PDT
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On this weeks edition of Creature Features, Eric, Marie and Karyn welcome 43 year research veteran William Jevning to the program to talk about our favorite hairy cryptid, Bigfoot.

William Jevning was a long time close friend and protege' of world famous Sasquatch Hunter Rene' Dahinden. He is a two time witness of Sasquatch encounters and veteran field researcher of these creatures with 41 years to his credit. William is the author of "Notes From the Field, Tracking North America's Sasquatch", "Haunted Valley", and "In Search of the Unknown".

His most recent project was as a participant on the History channel show "America's Book of Secrets, The Mystery of Bigfoot". William has been a guest on numerous podcasts and radio shows, including Darkness radio February 25th 2015. I am currently working on three new book manuscripts and continuing my work in the field. To learn more about William visit his website http://jevningresearch.blogspot.com/

August 9, 2015 Deborah Moffitt and A Deadly Haunting
August 02, 2015 01:26 PM PDT
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The dog days of summer are upon us and nothing makes for a better Sunday summers evening sharing scary stories, and none is scarier than "A deadly Haunting!" Shawn Donley and Marianne Donley of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and Paranormal Activity Network Investigation Center Database (PANICd.com) are with us during the first half hour of the show for another episode of "The Haunted Spotlight." Then at 8:30 pm, Eric and Marie welcome Haunted Survivor Deborah Moffitt as she share's her families terrifying story "A Deadly Haunting."

Deborah Moffitt has kept a secret for 25 years. This secret has haunted her in a figurative and literal sense. Only now is she ready to reveal her story to the world.

In 1984, a secret ritual was performed in Rancho Cucamonga, California that would usher in years of torment for the Moffitts. What followed can only be described as a nightmare from which the family perceived there may be no escape. And entity who called himself “prince” invaded the family property, creating a whirlwind of destruction and terror, focusing its primary wrath on the family’s matriarch.

The entity frightened a priest and confounded countless paranormal investigators, including the infamous demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. It was not until 1991 that the entity finally seemed to depart the Moffitt family’s property. But this story does not have a particularly happy ending wherein a demonic entity is cast out once and for all. The entity makes a decidedly more sinister exit. This is a story that may seem more than can be believed, but I do believe Deborah and her family experienced something awful in their home, including writing on the bathroom mirror, an entity that demanded communication, and even the rare paranormal phenomenon of apportation. (An apport is the paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source).

Deborah Moffitt has come forward to tell her harrowing tale in a new book titled A Deadly Haunting, written by Joie Albrecht.

A deadly haunting interview

To see Deborah’s photographic evidence and purchase a copy of A Deadly Haunting, visit the official website here: A Deadly Haunting Website

Join us for what deems to be another exciting and terrifying episode of Beyond The Edge Radio as we welcome Deborah Moffit to share "A Deadly Haunting."

8/2/2015 Becky Pourchot Author and Host of That's So Bizarre
July 27, 2015 05:20 AM PDT
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August kicks off with another great line up of guests joining us for the show. This Sunday, Marie and Eric welcome Author and Host of That's So Bizarre Becky Pourchot to the program. We'll be talking about her newly released book Open Souls and her You Tube video series, That's so Bizarre.

Becky Meyer Pourchot was a writer before she knew she was a writer. She was the kid who could tell scary stories at a Halloween party, giving everyone goose bumps, then the next day proudly make her family laugh at the dinner table. In her debut book, I Look Better In Binary, Becky draws on her childhood experiences as a Jewish kid growing up in the Midwest to create a collection of short stories that are, at once, hilarious and touching. Becky credits her family, friends, and one special teacher for the encouragement she needed to become the writer she is today.

New from author Becky Pourchot comes a Open Souls. A story about passion, rage, and the darkness that hides within.

In a Pandora-like tale, Brad, a gruff tattoo artist, and Olivia, a sexually repressed cupcake baker, discover an ancient box in St. Augustine, Florida. When the box is opened a menacing shadow is released, causing the two strangers to descend into madness.

As their lives become entwined, Brad and Olivia find their former selves deteriorating. Peace with their dark side can only be made when they accept who they really are.

That's so Bizarre is a web show that features the stories of ordinary people who experience the weird, the wild, and the wonderful.


To learn more about Becky, order her book Open Souls or find out more about That's so Bizarre visit Becky's website

Join us for another fun episode of BTE Radio this coming Sunday night as we welcome Becky Pourchot.

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