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8/10/2014 Supernatural Roundtable' - Special Guests JC Johnson, Sean Forker and Butch Witkoski
August 10, 2014 04:07 PM PDT
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Join Eric & Lon as we present a 'Supernatural Roundtable'. There will be a few 'special guests' participating in a lively & interesting discussion. Some of the subjects that may come up are...current anomalous investigations, recent cryptid sightings, UFOs & abductions, strange encounters, etc.

8/23/2014 Andrea Perron - House of Darkness, House of Light
August 03, 2014 12:31 PM PDT
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Lon, Amy and Eric are back from vacation this week to kick off the dog days of summer as we welcome Author and Haunted Survivor Andrea Perron. Andrea and her family survived 10 years living in a haunted farm house in Rhode Island and their story became the inspiration for the box office hit movie "The Conjuring." Tune in this Sunday night as we welcome Andre Perron and hear the true story of what her family dealt with for those 10 long years as we talk about her three books House of Darkness; House of light. This week, live on BTE Radio.

About Andrea:
Andrea Perron. is the eldest daughter of Roger & Carolyn Perron. She has four sisters: Nancy, Christine, Cynthia and April. the only one of five siblings to be born in Rhode Island. I was just two months old when my parents bought our first home in Willimantic, Connecticut, where all my sisters came into the world. A burgeoning family required more space so we bought a larger home in Cumberland, R.I. when I was six. Living in a suburb of Providence proved disquieting. After six years my mother decided her girls required a place in the country in which to grow and thrive.

In June of 1970 she found a glorious farm, then she and my father moved mountains to buy what was known as the old Arnold Estate; two-hundred acres of land with a big barn and a farmhouse; plenty of space to spread out and explore Nature. It was the perfect place to raise a family, according to the owner, though he failed to disclose a crucial element of the experience he endured as an occupant. The day we moved in, he told my father: “…leave the lights on at night.” A rather cryptic message. Thus began an incredible odyssey; a supernatural excursion through dimensions of time and space as the history of its characters from the ages began to reveal themselves to seven mortals who could not conceive of and never anticipated such events transpiring in our lives.

For almost a decade our family lived among the dead. There we came to understand that we are not alone and there is something beyond mortal existence. I graduated from high school in 1976 and attended Chatham College in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Graduating in 1980 with an interdisciplinary degree in Philosophy and English, it was during my senior year when my mother announced the sale of the farm was pending. I was heart broken. In spite of the trials, it was “home” and I loved it. Returning to Rhode Island, we were there only a few weeks before relocating to Georgia; long enough to pack and say goodbye. It was over. Though we abandoned our place in the country, it never left us. Memory is powerful.

I’ve spent my life since engaging in a variety of endeavors. Georgia did not suit me. After seven years I went home to R.I. Though I have always been a writer, I have likewise explored my own creative abilities. As a professional singer, songwriter, musician and actor, my time has been full of adventures and interesting characters. For more than twenty years I was a cast member with The Theatre Company of Rhode Island, performing on the stage of The Assembly Theater, the historic centerpiece of Harrisville. For the last ten years I lived in R.I. I was employed as a youth counselor at Harmony Hill School in Chepachet and lived in the village of Harmony, in a quaint cottage on Waterman Lake, also known as paradise on a pond.

In 2007 I began writing the manuscript which has now evolved into the trilogy “House of Darkness House of Light” and relocated (again) to Georgia to be with my family while embarking on such a major project involving all of them as well. It has proved to be quite an excursion in its own right, spawning some nightmares while exhuming our memories of the dead. Often painful, it has been a healing process as well, as each revisited a past impacting our present, clearly mapping the future of a family. There was no escaping unscathed, though we thought we has successfully done so at the time. This is a story whose time has come. Many have spoken or written about fragments of the story for decades. Now is the time to tell the whole truth about what happened in a house alive with death as we lived an illuminating decade of life. It is a tale worth telling because it is true. Time has come because we are ready to disclose our secrets and the world is ready to receive them.

7/6/2014 Stacey Jones The Ghost Cop
July 06, 2014 03:44 PM PDT
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This week, Eric, Lon and Amy welcome the Ghost Cop, Stacey Jones to BTE Radio.

Stacey Jones has been fascinated with claims of hauntings since she was 6 when her mom recounted her own true tale. She grew up, became a cop, but never lost her passion for the unexplained. She began investigating Haunted Locations in 1984 and started her group Central NY Ghost Hunters in 1995 after responding to an “unexplained noise” complaint from a single mom of 3 young boys. She found no explanation for the noises, but suspected the house may have been haunted. The mother and boys fled the house, and Stacey vowed she would help those who needed it and a “Ghost Cop” was born. Stacey is the nation’s leading female paranormal investigator and is well respected in the Paranormal Community for Research and has conducted over 1000 investigations. Throughout the years Stacey has teamed up with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Zak Bagans, Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, Chris Fleming, Jeff Belanger of Ghost Village and “Researcher for “Ghost Adventures” and Renowned Parapsychologist; Dr. Barry Taff. She has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting” “Ghost Hunter”, “Hidden Terror”, Travel Channels “Ghost Adventures” and Zak Bagans “Paranormal Challenge”. She also starred in her own Paranormal Reality show “CNY Spirits” On the CW Channel. Stacey was also featured TAPS PARAmagazine Radio and on Coast to Coast with George Noory where he proclaimed Stacey’s “Horrific EVP” as the most profound piece of ghost evidence to date. Stacey has traveled the country speaking at Colleges and Conferences since 2004. She has spoken at Disney World, Gettysburg, Atlanta, New York City and around the United States.

Visit Stacey's website

6/29/2014 Stan Gordon - Strange Pennsylvania Anomalies
June 29, 2014 01:32 PM PDT
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Join Eric, Lon & Amy as we welcome Pennsylvania UFO / Bigfoot researcher & author Stan Gordon to BTE Radio. For over 50 years, Stan has been investigating strange phenomena throughout the Keystone State. His books include 'Kecksburg: The Untold Story', 'Really Mysterious Pennsylvania' & 'Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook.' This will definitely be another enjoyable presentation. To learn more about Stan visit his website

6/22/2014 Amy Perry's Paranormal News and Discussion
June 22, 2014 02:50 PM PDT
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In this episode of BTE Radio, our brand new co-hostest Amy Perry returns this week with the latest in Paranormal News and discussion this week. Amy, Eric and Lon will discuss all the latest Paranormal news and discuss the stories. If you have any stories you want to share with Amy, feel free to share them with her on her facebook page.

Stop by this week for Amy Perry's Paranormal News and discussion this Sunday night 8 to 10 pm est. only here on BTE Radio.

6/15/2014 Malevolent Hauntings - Victims of Malicious Entities
June 15, 2014 04:24 PM PDT
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On this episode of BTE Radio, you do not want to miss this very important show. We being the evening with two very important announcements concerning the future of BTE Radio. Then for the first time on BTE Radio tonight Eric, Lon Sean and Amy bring you a very special program entitled "Malevolent Hauntings - Victims of Malicious Entities." On this show, we will talk to actual victims of malicious entities and discuss their cases and other recent cases, plus take your calls. This show is designed to help those who may be dealing with something similar in hopes of providing answers, advice or suggestions on how to deal with this real problem. Listen to amazing accounts disclosed publicly for the first time. We invite our listeners to in and tell us your stories. Need advice? This is your opportunity to receive help and instruction. This will definitely be one show you won't want to miss!

6/08/2014 Michelle L. Hamilton Spiritualism in Lincolns Whitehouse
June 08, 2014 12:31 PM PDT
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This week BTE Radio welcomes Historian, Author and Presenter Michelle L. Hamilton to the show as we dive into the historical and spiritual lives of Mary and Abraham Lincoln.

Michelle L. Hamilton earned her master's degree in history from San Diego State University in 2013. Her work can be seen in the magazine The Citizens' Companion. Fascinated with the American Civil War and the life of Abraham Lincoln since as long as she could remember Hamilton pursued her love of history by working as a docent at the Whaley House Museum in Old Town San Diego. While working at the Whaley House, Hamilton became fascinated with the unknown world of the paranormal after having numerous personal experiences.

After being admitted into San Diego State University’s graduate history department, Hamilton found a way to combine her love for history and the paranormal through her groundbreaking research into Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s interest in Spiritualism during the Civil War. In her free time, Hamilton is a Civil War living historian. Born and raised in California, Hamilton now resides in Ruther Glen, Virginia. “I Would Be Drowned in Tears”: Spiritualism in Abraham Lincoln’s White House is her first book. You can follow her at her blog

6/1/2014 Matt Swayne and Haunted Rock and Roll
June 01, 2014 01:31 PM PDT
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BTE Radio is back this back this week with big news. BTE Radio podcasts can now be heard on KKES FM 102.7 The Hog out of Excelsior Springs, Kansas City and will eventually be heard live as the station over the next few weeks. This week Scott Walton returns in the first half hour to update us on the latest Paranormal/Sci Fi/ Horror Pop Culture news from 8 to 830 then Join Eric, Lon & Sean as we welcome journalist & research writer Matt Swayne to BTE Radio.

Matthew L. Swayne (State College, PA) is a journalist who currently works as a research writer at Penn State. Matt has worked as a reporter and as a music reviewer for several newspapers and online outlets, such as and He is a regular contributor to the recently revitalized version of Omni Magazine, called Omni Reboot. He writes the Anti-Matter column, which looks at fringe science and the paranormal, for the online magazine. He has also worked on writing projects with Paranormal State's Eilfie Music. Balancing skepticism with an open mind, Matt uses his experience in journalism and interest in both ghostlore and the paranormal to collect and tell stories about the supernatural.-

About Haunted Rock and Roll - Plug in the guitar, raise the curtain, and step onto the haunted stageFrom rock and roll’s pioneers to its contemporary rebels, the greatest names live on after death—in unexpected and frightening ways. Discover thrilling stories of Michael Jackson, Jim Morrison, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Amy Winehouse, and many more rockers who’ve been seen haunting their favorite bars, clubs, and homes.

Haunted Rock and Roll covers rock’s entire paranormal legacy, allowing you to explore the famous faces, places, and legends that define one of the biggest cultural movements of all time. Experience true stories of rock star ghosts while enjoying trivia and insights from renowned ghost hunters and researchers. Whether they’re making demonic deals for fame or being chased into the afterlife under mysterious circumstances, rockers have followed the same motto: live fast, die young, and leave a restless spirit. Join us this Sunday June 1st at 8:00 pm ET/7:00 pm CT - as we return live and welcome back Scott Walton to discuss Paranormal/Sci-Fi Pop Culture and this weeks guest Matt Swayne and Haunted Rock and Roll.

5/18/2014 Brian Parsons Author/Paranormal Investigator
May 18, 2014 03:09 PM PDT
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This week Eric, Lon and Sean welcome Paranormal Investigator, and Author Brian Parsons to the program.

Brian D. Parsons was born in Indiana in 1973 and moved to northeast Ohio before his first birthday. Growing up his parents told him that ghosts, monsters, and other strange things did not exist; they did this not to brainwash him, but to help him sleep at night. He grew up watching "In Search of" with Leonard Nimoy which began to open his mind to the what-ifs that exist in our world.

In early 1996 he was attending college when a couple of friends asked him for help in learning how to write better research papers. He and another friend suggested writing about a subject they really liked and they would critique it. A few others did the same as well and when the group met and began to peer review the papers one drew more attention than the others on sports and dating; it was about UFOs. One of the guys in the group was a UFO nut who decided to write about UFO sightings. As the group began to talk about UFOs other subjects, such as urban legends and local folklore, came up. A few days later he was at work and brought up a particular local urban legend. He found it interesting how many different people heard the same distinct things about this location and the stories that went with it.

Brian decided to investigate the location, he went to the local library and researched the property and those involved with it during the time of the story. During his research he stumbled upon Parapsychology and Psychical Research; terms he heard in Psychology class that meant nothing more than pseudoscience to his teacher. Investigating further he was interested to realize that there were many people investigating ghosts today and that despite finding enough evidence to prove the local urban legend wrong, he was inspired to investigate ghosts and related phenomena further.

In the fall of 1996, he and a group of friends formed a paranormal investigation team after weeks of learning about phenomena through reading and other resources (the internet wasn't a big help back then!). They started out as many teams did back then by investigating cemeteries, abandoned buildings, and researched and investigated urban legends. While they had no official name they had spent plenty of time discussing it; one suggestion by Brian was in response to many of the groups with acronyms that existed was Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network (O.P.I.N.). The name was based on his dream of helping to network not only groups, but professionals in other areas of interest to help grow the field and help those in need. It was also in the fall of 1996 that they began getting client cases through word of mouth. During one case the homeowner, the father of a friend of one of the investigators, asked who was in charge and if the group had a name. Everyone began to look around the room and Brian began to notice everyone staring at him. He had become the official leader of the group; and his group name was adopted as well. In early 1997 the group split, while one continued to investigate cemeteries, buildings, and other structures, the other continued to help clients and carried the O.P.I.N. banner.

The first group website was on the free Geocities website (site no longer exists) and was a one page advertisement for the group. During this time other members had their own O.P.I.N. websites using the original logo in an effort to gather client cases. In 2000, the group moved to Angelfire where it resided until 2007 when the decision was finally made to acquire a unique URL.

In 2000, during some downtime in investigations, Brian decided to pursue a spot with the Mutual UFO Network as a Field Investigator. He worked briefly with the organization and still conducts his own investigations into related phenomena. Brian has worked with the Sasquatch Research Initiative (now defunct) and currently with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society investigating Bigfoot and big cat sighting claims.

Brian has authored four books on the subject of paranormal group operation, including his unique "E4" Method designed for client-centered cases. His fifth book, Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist, digs into the world of hidden or unknown animals. He presents a balanced look at the history and mystery behind these creatures as well as methodologies into investigating them. He has worked with the ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association for several years and served as the Research Director, Treasurer, and sat on the Board of Directors until the corporation voted to dissolve in December of 2011. He remained a member and served as the Anomalous News Coordinator until 2014 when he was named Executive Director of ParaNexus in an effort to revitalize the organization. Brian also hosts the Paranormal News Insider segment of the Grand Dark Conspiracy podcast which airs Monday nights at 10 P.M. eastern on the Shark Radio Network.

Brian has appeared on numerous internet radio shows, paranormal conferences and conventions, as well as his own events where he speaks on a variety of paranormal and anomalous subjects (see the contact/media page for details). He has a PhD from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science in Metaphysical Science and is currently working on his bachelor's degree in Environmental Science. Brian is a member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals as a student. He is also an ordained minister and is a state licensed wedding officiant in the state of Ohio. Brian lives in northeast Ohio with his wife Amy and their dog Sasha.


5/11/2014 Aaron Cadieux, Christopher Balzano and the Bridgewater Triangle Documentary
May 11, 2014 02:15 PM PDT
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***Due to technical issues during the start of the show, the first 30 minutes of the show did not record, however the entire interview with Aaron Cadieux and Christopher Balzano is recorded for your listening enjoyment. We apologize for any inconvenience.***

Eric, Lon and Sean return to one of the most mysterious places in the world, the Bridge Water Triangle. We welcome Documentary Film Maker and co-director Aaron Cadieux and Paranormal Investigator and Author Christopher Balzano to the show to discuss the Bridgewater Trinagle Documentary, what went into filming the documentary and some of the history and mystery behind the area known as the Bridgewater Triangle.

The Bridgewater Triangle sits within the Southeastern portion of Massachusetts, and includes a number of locations known for unexplained occurrences; the most prominent of which include the legendary Hockomock Swamp and the infamous Freetown-Fall River State Forest. The triangle’s traditional boarders are revealed by connecting the dots between the town of Abington to the North, the town of Freetown to the Southeast, and the town of Rehoboth to the Southwest.

The area hosts an unusually high volume of reports involving strange happenings, baffling mysteries and sinister deeds. From ghostly hauntings and cryptic animal sightings, to UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, the Bridgewater Triangle serves as one of the world’s most diverse hotspots for paranormal activity.

The first-ever feature-length documentary on the subject, The Bridgewater Triangle explores the history of this fascinating region. The film features a number of local residents providing first-hand accounts of unexplained occurrences. In addition, an all-star assembly of paranormal researchers, folklorists and authors provide expert analysis regarding the many mysteries of the triangle.

Aaron Cadieux, Co-Director

Aaron Cadieux is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In 2003, he produced and directed a 30-minute documentary titled, Inside The Bridgewater Triangle. The experience inspired him to someday produce and direct a feature-length documentary on the same subject. In 2010, he teamed up with filmmaker Manny Famolare to begin production on The Bridgewater Triangle. Cadieux also owns and operates Bristol County Media LLC (and its subdivision Big Operations Productions) a company specializing in video production services. As the Co-Director of The Bridgewater Triangle, Aaron combines his extensive experience in documentary film making and video production with his love for Halloween and things that go bump in the night.

Chris Balzano Paranormal researcher and author Chris Balzano has been investigating paranormal activity in the New England region for a number of years. Recently, Balzano released two books detailing accounts of paranormal activity within the Bridgewater Triangle. 2007’s Dark Woods: Cults, Crime, and the Paranormal in the Freetown State Forest, and 2008’s Ghosts of the Bridgewater Triangle, are two informative sources for readers interested in learning more about the Bridgewater Triangle.

Visit the official website of the Bridgewater Triangle at www.

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