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1/31/2016 Robert Murch Ouija Historian, Collector and Expert
February 01, 2016 05:30 PM PST
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Eric and Marie wrap up the month of January welcoming our friend Roberrt Murch to the program. We're both excited to have Robert join us this Sunday night to talk about something near and dear to his heart, the Ouija or Talking Boards. Find out about the history, controversy and myths associated with this famous communcation device. Is it all a game? Tune in this Sunday night as Robert joins us to share his expertise and knowledge on this fascinating topic, this week on BTE Radio.

Robert Murch is the world’s foremost collector, historian, and expert on Ouija® and talking boards and serves as the “Chairman of the Board” for the Talking Board Historical Society which he founded. His bizarre relationship with Ouija began after watching the movie Witchboard in 1986, a century after the talking board made its debut. Murch purchased his first antique Ouija board in 1992, and became obsessed with unraveling the mystery of its origins. Since then he’s devoted his life to researching the history of the Ouija board and its founders, with Murch often traveling the world to track down descendants of all those involved with the introduction of the Mystifying Oracle®.

Murch showcases his research and knowledge on his websites robertmurch.com williamfuld.com and the upcoming talkingboards.com often collaborating with Hasbro, Winning Moves, USAopoly, TCG Toys, and ToyCo (producers of the Ouija board today) and on various films, including Ouija, Inherent Vice, What Lies Beneath, Sugar & Spice, and Drive-Thru. He has also consulted on or appeared in numerous TV programs featuring Ouija, including 30 Odd Minutes, TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, A&E’s Storage Wars and Paranormal State, Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum and Ghost Adventures, Showtime’s Bullshit!, Smithsonian Channel’s My Million Dollar Invention, HGTV’s Who’s Lived in my House?, and CBS Sunday Morning. The Smithsonian Magazine consulted Bob for a popular article on Ouija boards and featured him and his research on the topic while reddit tapped him to host an IAmA on all things Ouija.

Murch is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and an accomplished international lecturer, speaking at museums and conferences around the world. He is currently collaborating with Brandon Hodge to create a book on the definitive history of spirit communication. Ever the pioneer, Murch was one of the first same-sex couples legally married in the United States and lives with his husband, Gary Halteman, in Boston, Massachusetts. What’s next for Murch? You’ll just have to ask the Ouija board!

Check out Robert's website at www.robertmurch.com

1/24/2016 Butch Witkowski, Lon Strickler, Dogmen and other Cryptids
January 24, 2016 04:58 AM PST
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Join us this week for BTE Radio's Creature Features as we talk with long time Fortean researchers Butch Witkoski and Lon Strickler about Dogman and Cryptid Encounters. During the first half hour Eric and Marie will discuss the latest Cryptid News, announcements and upcoming guests. Then at 8:30 we welcome Investigators Butch Witkoski and Lon Strickler to talk about strange cryptid cases reported and investigated to them. We'll disuss Dogman, Bigfoot and other cryptids. Tune in this week for a very intriguing show filled with creepy critters and mysterious monsters this week on BTE's Creature Features.

About Butch Witkowski;
Butch has been an Independent Researcher since 1989 when he, along with 4 other people, witnessed a UFO of unbelievable size quietly hover above a mountain in Tucson, Arizona. It was totally silent. Burn Copper in color and at least three football fields in length. It moved slowly up and down, then rose upwards, moved forward, and then vanished at lightning speed. they all agreed on what they had just seen. However, calls to the Sheriff’s Dept., the news media, and the local Air Force base yielded no sighting reports. Butch began his own investigation into the UFO Phenomenon on that day.
After joining MUFON, Butch was able to dig deeper into past and existing cases and pursue even more on site investigations, but my research was still lacking something and he wasn’t getting to the crucial answers that he was seeking.
Butch started the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania in 2009 and brought together some of the best like-minded researchers he could find.
Butch is the Founder and Director of the UFO Research Center of Pennsylvania, Editor of JAAR the Journal of Abnormal Abduction Research, a member of the Institute of Frontier Science, Member of Academia d Ufologie, ParaNexus Consultant and Advisor on Ufology, Former MUFON Chief Investigator, Star Team Investigator and State Section Director. Butch is a retired Law Enforcement Officer.
The use of multi-disciplined investigators enhanced their fact finding like no other group that he’s aware of at the present. Their primary objective is to pursue both the historical cases and new cases that arise with hopes of bringing resolution to some of these cases of High Strangeness. The group also fields two fully equipped mobile units and have affiliate groups in nine states and one in Europe
Butch’s website http://uforcop.com/

About Lon Strickler;
Lon is a Fortean Researcher, Author, Publisher of the syndicated 'Phantoms and Monsters' blog and Co-Founder and Host of Arcane Radio. Lon began the 'Phantoms and Monsters' blog in 2005, which has steadily grown in popularity and read daily by tens of thousands of paranormal enthusiasts, investigators and those seeking the truth! My research and reports have been featured on hundreds of online media sources. Several of these published reports have been presented on various television segments, including The History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens', Syfy's 'Paranormal Witness' and 'Faked or Faked: Paranormal Files', & Destination America's 'Monsters and Mysteries in America.' Lon has been interviewed on several radio broadcasts, including multiple guest appearances on 'Coast to Coast AM.' He was also featured on Destination America's 'Monsters and Mysteries in America' television show for 'The Sykesville Monster' episode.

'Phantoms & Monsters Fortean Research', in conjunction with 'Astral Perceptions Universal', investigates all facets of the paranormal and the supernatural...be it terrestrial or non-terrestrial phenomena. The group is a 'not for profit' organization. Their clients are never asked or pressured to compensate them for the services we provide. The goal is to research the reported incident and to find the true nature of the account.

In 2010, I joined 'Beyond The Edge' Radio as a co-host on the weekly live show. In 2014, I left BTE Radio and partnered with Sean Forker at 'Arcane Radio.' Lon is the author of four books. Phantoms & Monsters: Cryptid Encounters, Phantoms & Monsters: Strange Encounters, Phantoms & Monsters: Bizarre Encounters and Phantoms & Monsters: Mysterious Encounters.

Lon’s websites:

1/17/2016 Para-News and Discussion with Fred Kracke
January 21, 2016 06:38 PM PST
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It's Paranormal News and Discussion this week on BTE Radio as we introduce a new Paranormal News Correspondent Fred Kracke. Fred will be bringing us the latest Para, Crypto, UFO and weird news stories from around the world and as usual we'll be discussing them as only we do! So tune in this Sunday night 8 to 10 pm est. as we welcome Fred Kracke and discuss Para-News on Beyond The Edge Radio.

1/10/2016 Nigel Kerner and the Alien Presence
January 11, 2016 11:56 AM PST
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This week we welcome Author and investigator Nigel Kerner to the program as we'll be discussing Aliens living among us as well as abductions. Nigel is the author of two books: Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls (Inner Traditions/Bear & Company) and The Song of the Greys (Hodder & Stoughton). He has just completed his third book ‘The Margins of Forever’ which will be released next year. Nigel has done several radio interviews, including Coast to Coast, Jeff Rense, the Veritas show and Paranormal Podcast. Join us this week for what is sure to be a thought provoking and interesting discussion about Aliens among us this week on BTE Radio.

About Nigel: Nigel Kerner is an author and freelance journalist. He was born in Sri Lanka, his mother from a British planting family and his father an officer in the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. This international family base provided the background for an obsessive and serious interest in international human affairs and how these interface with science, religion and philosophy.

He has felt driven, from his young years, to expose the humbug and hypocrisy in modern scientific and religious and social thinking. His formal graduate education is in biomedical science and human behavioural psychology.

His fascination with the puzzling and enigmatic phenomenon of UFOs resulted in his first book 'The Song of the Greys' published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1997. This serious work on the subject is now noted world-wide for its radical view on the phenomenon. His latest book, 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls' published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Company is the second in a trilogy about the UFO phenomenon and its social repercussions on humanity. His books and numerous articles have established his unique thesis as part of the canon of serious literature on the subject.

Nigel Kerner lives with his wife and family on his estate in middle England. He has a passionate interest in projects on behalf of the deprived and disadvantaged of developing nations. He is at present working with his family and a team of European friends and volunteers on a medical and agro-development project done on behalf of the rural poor in a country in the Far East. This takes up much of his spare time.

His hobbies include reading science literature and journals, wild-life videography, wildlife conservation activities, singing and song writing. His sporting passions are Cricket and Rugby Union.

For more info visit his website www.nigelkern.com

1/3/2016 Dark Shadows Ghost Tours
January 06, 2016 04:02 PM PST
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***We apologize for the poor sound quality of this episode*** We will have the issue corrected for the next episode of BTE Radio.

Eric and Marie are back live with a brand new episode and brand new guests as we welcome Shawn and Marianne Donley and the investigative team at Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and the Panic'D Database website.

We'll be talking with the Dark Shadow Ghost Tours Team about their investigations, protocol, evidence and a whole lot more. Plus we'll hear some great stories and encounters from thier cases.

To learn all about Dark Shadow Ghost Tour's Investigative team visit :


The groups website addresses



12/20/2015 BTE Radio's Annual Holiday Special
December 21, 2015 07:05 AM PST
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Join Marie, Karyn, Eric and all of the BTE Radio gang under the Christmas Tree this week, December 20th for our Annual Holiday Special. We'll look back at an amazing year of entertainment, education and overall spooktacular guests and topics. It truly has been an amazing year at BTE Radio as we've grown, added new Network affiliates, new listeners and had such a fun year! We invite you our listeners of Christmas Present, Guests and Co-Hosts of Christmas and shows past, and friends, family and followers of Christmas future to join us this week to help celebrate the season. Call in wish everyone a Happy Holiday, enjoy some Christmas Cheer and share your favorite Christmas and BTE memories with us this Sunday night December 20, 2015 from 8 to 10 PM Est. We'll have some special surprise guest callers, some Christmas presents to give to a few lucky listeners and a whole lot of BTE Radio cheer! Join us for the fun in chat and tune in live at http://www.beyondtheedgeradio.com/listen-live.html 8 to 10 pm Eastern for our Annual Holiday Special. Merry Christmas from all of us at BTE Radio!

12/13/2015 Stan Gordon - the 50th Anniversary of the Kecksburg Crash and Astonishing Creatures.
December 15, 2015 06:06 PM PST
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In the first half hour we're joined by Shawn and Marianne Donley of Panic'D and Darkshadow Ghost Tours with the Christmas Edition of the Haunted Spotlight. At the bottom of the hour we welcome long time UFO and Creature investigator Stan Gordon as we discuss the 50th Anniversary of the infamous Crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Later in the show we discuss Stan's latest Book, Astonishing Encounters. Join us for another great episode of BTE Radio.

12/06/2015 Christmas: A ghostly gathering with Midnight Syndicate
December 08, 2015 07:43 PM PST
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Nothing brings smiles than holiday music. The master of Holiday music are returning to BTE Radio this week with a new twist on Holiday music for the Christmas season Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka are back with us to share music from their new album Christmas: A ghostly gathering. Ed and Gavin will be sharing behind the scenes details and tracks from their new holiday album as only Midnight Syndicate deliver. So you better watch out, you better not cry, Midnight Syndicate is coming to BTE Radio this week!

For almost two decades, composers Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka have been known as Midnight Syndicate, creating symphonic soundtracks to imaginary films that facilitate a transcendental and adventurous escape into the secret dimensions of the mind's eye. To many of their fans, they are Gothic music pioneers brewing a signature blend of orchestral horror music and movie-style sound effects. To others, they remain the first "haunted house band" that forever changed the Halloween music genre and became a staple of the October holiday season. And some know them as the duo that created the first official soundtrack to the legendary Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. Their critically-acclaimed works are reminiscent of sweeping, complex masterpieces by artists such as James Horner, Danny Elfman, Black Sabbath and King Diamond and have been featured as a part of groundbreaking films, television shows, video games and at haunted attractions, amusement parks and live performances worldwide.

Midnight Syndicate has released a Yuletide-inspired album, entitled Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering. The new album features the band's unique twist on classic holiday carols blended with new and original material. "Our goal was to treat each song in a way that would merge familiarity with originality," said Gavin Goszka. "There are definitely recognizable elements, but plenty of additional original material as well. It also incorporates the widest instrument palette we've used to date and represents what we consider to be the most varied collection of songs we've ever released. There are serenely beautiful moments here alongside more intense, darker tracks, and the end result is a thoroughly compelling and involving listening experience." "With so many Christmas-themed albums out there, we wanted to make this collection uniquely our own," added Edward Douglas. "I think we were able to do that."

For more information on Midnight Syndicate visit their website www.midnightsyndicate.com

11/29/2015 Jeff Belanger and the Nightmares Before Christmas
November 30, 2015 05:18 PM PST
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The Holiday season is underway and we welcome World renowned author, tv host, producer and investigator Jeff Belanger back to BTE Radio to share with us some Holiday cheer. Jeff will be sharing scary Ghost Stories of Old and Creepy Dark Christmas Legends that time has forgotten by helping to get the 2015 Holiday season underway. So, wont you pour yourself a hot cup of coco, turn down the lights, stoke the fireplace, climb under a warm blanket and join Eric and Marie as we welcome the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future with our friend and guest Jeff Belanger. This week on BTE Radio.

Jeff Belanger is an author, adventurer, and one of the most visible paranormal researchers today. He’s the founder of the new legend tripping movement and is the Emmy-nominated host, writer, and producer of the New England Legends series which debuted on PBS in October of 2013.

Since 1997, the journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences. He’s the ultimate insider and knows how to connect with people from all walks of life when it comes to the unexplained.

He is the author of over a dozen books on the paranormal (published in six languages) including the best sellers: The World's Most Haunted Places, Weird Massachusetts, Our Haunted Lives, and Who's Haunting the White House? (for children). He's the founder of Ghostvillage.com, the Web's most popular paranormal destination according to Google, and a noted speaker and media personality. In January of 2014 he was asked to give a prestigious TEDx talk in New York City.

He's also the host of the cable/Web talk show, 30 Odd Minutes which is available in over 9 million homes in the United States and Europe on Sky TV. Belanger has written for newspapers like The Boston Globe and USA Today, and has served as the writer and researcher on numerous television series including Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Challenge, and Aftershocks on the Travel Channel. He's been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Biography Channel, PBS, NECN, Living TV (UK), Sunrise 7 (Australia), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, CBS Sunday Morning, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates, National Public Radio, The BBC, Darkness Radio, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM.

Additionally, Belanger is a Sandy Hook Elementary School alumni who served on the Board of Directors of the Newtown Memorial Fund, Inc.--a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a long-term fund to provide support to those affected by the tragedy, a memorial to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, and to establish academic scholarships in the victims' names for generations of Newtown students to come. He holds a B.A. from Hofstra University, and currently haunts Massachusetts. Visit his website www.jeffbelanger.com

11/22/2015 Paranormal News and Discussion
November 24, 2015 07:33 PM PST
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Paranormal News Correspondent Chris Nicastro was scheduled to join us this week but due to phone problems, we lost him at the beginning of the show. So Eric and Marie covered the latest Paranormal, Cryptozoology, UFO, and strange stories from all around the world. Join us for another fun episode of banter, wit and humor as we discuss Paranormal News with Chris Nicastro this week on BTE's Paranormal News and Discussion. www.beyondtheedgeradio.com

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